Editing your video

There are times when you record a video and you’re mostly satisfied with it but you need to do some minor editing. There are two ways to accomplish this depending on what you want to do.

Using Kaltura

You can do some very basic editing in Kaltura. The options there available include trimming the beginning, trimming the end, and cutting out pieces in the middle.


Using Adobe Rush

For any other editing tasks, we recommend using Adobe Premiere Rush which you can get through Adobe@IU.  Rush is a user-friendly editing tool that allows you to do additional edits such as combining multiple video segments, adding text on a video, or adjusting the volume of the narration. You will need to download the Adobe Creative Cloud to install Rush on your Mac or Windows computer. Please be patient as it will take some time to download and install Creative Cloud and then to download and install Rush. 

To use Rush, you need to have the video (or videos) you are editing on your computer. If you recorded to your computer in Zoom or recorded using PowerPoint or Keynote, your video will already be on your computer. If you recorded using Kaltura Personal Capture and did not delete the file from your library in the Personal Capture app, your video is still on your computer but it is not as easy to find as it is when you record with other tools. TO find the video for editing, search for the video file on your computer using File Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac. Kaltura does not name the files in a meaningful way so you will want to identify your video by the time/day when it was recorded. Here is an example of what the Kaltura files look like on a Windows computer.

The UITS Support Center can assist you in finding your videos if you have difficulty.

For detailed instructions on using Adobe Premiere Rush, see IT Training’s self-paced course “Premiere Rush: The Basics



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